Hi Everyone and a big welcome to my blog 🙂

This is something I have been contemplating for some time and probably should have started sooner, but due to the challenges faced with my Little Bear. I haven’t been able to. This is a blog designed to help, Mum’s, Dad’s, babies, kids, families and, well, everyone really! It’s based on my experiences as a Mum to a multi-allergy baby suffering with reflux and gastro-related problems. I’m not claiming to know it all or to get sympathy but I want to help others in a similar position to myself as it’s hard enough being a mum without these extra complications.

Please also bear with me as I add some more for you to read. It’s early days for me on here and I have a wealth of stuff to add. I have lots of stories and experiences including how they conducted a barium swallow and blood tests on Little Bear, There is also much much more currently buzzing around my head, They include stories about how I kept sane whilst surviving on very little sleep and those long and dark nights, more about my Little Bear and his tummy troubles, the help we’ve received and the help which we have sought out e.g. cranial osteopaths and much much more.

If there is anything you would like to know or add then please do get in touch.

Happy reading

Trish xx


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