3 – 6 months

To begin with the omeprazole helped and by the time he was 4 months old he had levelled out a bit. We even managed a few days away. Which was a bit more successful than our first attempt where we came back early due to his screaming and his behaviour. We had short periods of relief but they were few and far between. He was still feeding an awful lot and was generally restless. He never really slept in the day, never had, and was still a poor sleeper at night. I can remember feeling that I didn’t know him. With my daughter I could recognise the cues e.g. hunger, tiredness, not feeling well, with Little Bear it was impossible to tell. And it was a viscous cycle, he was uncomfortable so he fed more which could make him more uncomfortable and less likely to sleep and the less he slept the worse he probably felt, but there was no way of interrupting the cycle.

At several points during his first year I remember feeling in some ways sad. I felt like I had missed out on him being a baby. I’d done what I could and had attended many baby groups but I was so exhausted and felt sick the whole time through tiredness that it became hard to enjoy him at times. At this point early weaning was suggested by the paediatrician. The health visitor didn’t agree. I could see both sides. When I’d weaned my daughter it just happened, as she grew and needed more food I gradually introduced a little bit of homemade fruit and veg, followed by meat, and so on. But because of what we’d been through and he had become relatively settled I didn’t want to change that. I held off for as long as possible (about 5 months) but at about this time he started to suffer with severe constipation. I then introduced some sweet potato which gave him diarrhoea and a rash, I tried other root vegetables and had mixed success and then tried a few fruits. The constipation then just carried on until at one point he went nearly three weeks without having a bowel movement and had a stomach the size of a melon! When he finally did go he spent days emptying himself, would then back up and the same cycle would repeat itself.


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