Glastonbury 2016

When little bear was 4 months old we braved Glastonbury. Were we mad? Most probably! Anyway, having been a few times before we knew the set up so felt comfortable with it. We’d also paid for a pre-erected tent (much more civilised than our normal camping area there) in order to make it easy. We were somewhat concerned as Little bear had been very unsettled and we were still in many ways getting used to him. However we braved it and I’m glad we did. I’m not sure if I could do it now, after a year of his troubles he has exhausted every ounce of me and sucked the life out of me too 😂 

At this point I was only dairy free so things were simpler then (not I would have agreed with it at the time!). These are roughly the things I tried, tested and thought about: 

  1. When going away try and do some research of where your going to. The sorts of foods they serve and so on. Thankfully with the EU law on food allergens places are a bit more aware (well, kind of..  although don’t wholly rely on that either see my blog about hotel hell)
  2. Be prepared. This comes in at two levels for me. I take some amount of food with me. In this case I took some easy to carry foods such as cereal bars, porridge etc. Either the might before or in the morning have in your mind what your plan for the day is and how you’ll fit food in. Never leave looking for food until you’re hungry or in my case hangry! When I was breastfeeding Little Bear in the early days he was such a big feeder and I would get so hungry, his would quickly lead to me becoming hangry. That would always be the time you’d not be able to have anything from nearby places 
  3. Grab what you can where you can. This slightly ties in with above. If you see something you can have grab it as you might not come across something for a while, particularly if it’s fruit or something easy that you can put in your bag. If it’s near lunch but not quite there then grab too, unless you’re not going to venture far. 
  4. Keep simple. When I was at Glastonbury I lived of a cereal bar in the morning from the tea shop and chicken pittas. They were probably the best chicken pittas I’ve had and were massive . They were free from dairy and the staff seemed quite up on their allergy training 
  5. Have a look online for allergy menus 
  6. If you get a sense of staff not knowing about allergy think twice l 
  7. Check out supermarkets in the local area that you could maybe visit
  8. Always always have some food in for yourself and llittle one in case you get caught short somewhere. A hangry mum is one thing, but you don’t want to mess with a hangry baby


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