6 – 12 months

Around this time I remember someone saying to me ‘they wouldn’t stand for it, if it were mine they’d be in bed and sleeping where they should be’ I was surprised, I had no choice in this behaviour, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. At this point I was literally up day and... Continue Reading →


The Early days: 0-3 months

Arrival of Baby Bear When Little Bear arrived, chaos descended before I had even left hospital - I think he arrived as he meant to continue! The first feeling I had of 'something wasn't quite right' became quickly apparent. Following the birth I needed a blood transfusion, at this point my Little Bear had been... Continue Reading →


Hi Everyone and a big welcome to my blog 🙂 This is something I have been contemplating for some time and probably should have started sooner, but due to the challenges faced with my Little Bear... I haven't been able to. This is a blog designed to help, Mum's, Dad's, babies, kids, families and, well, everyone really! It's based on my experiences as a Mum to a multi-allergy baby suffering with reflux and gastro-related problems.

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